Come meet the exciting and innovative Makers who are helping build our Maker City!

Design 1st

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Design 1st is Canada's largest product develoment team, and a passionate supporter of the maker faire movement. This year Design 1st will be showcasing a 10ft tall interactive Makey Robot, and an internet connected hockey net. Both student internship projects from the D1 MakerLab.

Dalek Soufflé

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Dalek Soufflé is a Shawcraft Mark III version, the original Dalek design that first appeared in the William Hartnell episodes of Doctor Who in 1963; and displays as part of The Canadian DALEK Empire with The Doctor Who Society of Canada.

RoVa3D Full Color 3D Printer and Scanner

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We launched our newest 3D printer on Kickstarter in June. This time around it will be a full color FDM 3D printer!! Full color means that the printer only takes cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white filament and then feeds it into a single hotend and inside the hotend the colors are mixed with a blender to produce a new homogeneous color. Now you can print any color by by simply selecting which color you want in the software. You don't need to load that color specifically. This makes it easier and simpler to make multi color 3d prints. No more calibration required. One nozzle means easy setup and no maintenance. We will have our RoVa3D Printer line up at the Maker Faire. Our 5 Color RoVa3D, Our RoVaPaste, and the New RoVa3D Full Color & Scanner.

VEX Robotics

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ProBots Ottawa is an after school and summer camp facility that specializes in STEM robotics programs. Students can join our competition teams and participate in VEX Robotics competitions ib Ottawa and other cities of Ontario. They have the opportunity to qualify for the VEX World Championships, which last year set a Guinness World Book record of the most robotics teams at one competition.

K-9 Grey Brother

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K-9 Grey Brother is a replica of the mechanical dog from Doctor Who, which appeared mostly in the fourth Doctor's era in the late 1970s and early '80s. Grey Brother is a work in progress, being upgraded if and when his low-tech builder figures out how to do it. He is usually to be seen at comic cons and similar venues, where he keeps an eye on the Tardis and pursues his mortal enemies the Daleks. Being a little slow, he rarely catches them, which is probably a good thing as he is not quite sure what to do with them.

Slitscan Camera

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Latest from the land of Slitscan photography working on the latest projects & hopefully will have neat/new things to show this year


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ParLUGment, ottawa's adult lego fan group is made up of more than 50 adult lego fans. at maker faire a large portion of us brings a wide variety of original creations/designs to the table, spanning many themes - art, architecture, train, geek culture, engineering, space, robotics ... while we are not a hands-on display, our creations certainly engage the public, especially our great ball contraption (continuous motion modules).

Students Innovations

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The students will share their innovation and the process of creativity about The Global Goals.

Phone Controlled Lego Car

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My Kids and I have built a Phone app that uses motion, voice and buttons via Bluetooth to control cars with micro controllers in them. This project helps show that you can use what ever you have laying around to build projects. We have cars built out of Legos, Kynex, cardboard, 3d printed parts and one built from a Sriracha bottle (It’s HOT!). The android phone app was created using the MIT2 app inventor(Open Source). The micro controllers used are based on the Arduino pro mini version. Stop by and try out them out.

3D printed models & LEDs

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Sale of 3D printed scale models & LED lights for hobbyists creating the world in miniature. Custom work for model railroaders, dollhouse builders, jewelry artisans & ship modelers. 3D design & printing services. Demonstrating 3D printing with a ROVA2 filament type replicator. Showing samples of UHD plastic parts made by a SLA type printer. Showing samples of LEDs.

R2 Builders

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Astromech Builders from the movies Star Wars. R2-D2 replicas and other droids.

New Life Robotics

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New Life Robotics is a company that is dedicated to bringing robotics education into the mainstream, for children of all ages as well as the general public. The NAO Robot available through New Life Robotics is the perfect bridge into the world of advanced robotics. From simple verbal interaction at the elementary level all the way to basic and advanced programming at the secondary and post-secondary levels, this robot will comfortably introduce people of all ages to the wonderful possibilities of robots in our daily lives.

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Wearable Tech will be displaying and selling unique wearable items (fashion) like earrings that light up, purses that can charge a phone without cables and LED clothing.


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Ottawa TARDIS is a full-scale, fan-built replica of the BBC's Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine, from the world's longest running science fiction television series Doctor Who Keep an eye out for Ottawa TARDIS' materialization at Pop Culture events, Conventions, Comic-Cons, Geek shows, movie theatre screenings, and more! Follow her many adventures, by becoming a fan on Facebook:

Creatron Inc.

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We will have a variety of products on display including the popular Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino boards.


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Team SONIA (Système d’Opération Nautique Intelligent et Autonome), from École de technologie supérieure, is an undergraduate student association that builds an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to perform at the annual Robosub competition held in San Diego, California. Since our beginning in 1999, we have developed 8 AUV prototypes with the goal of competing at the AUVSI and ONR’s International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition. At SONIA we love to share our idea and develop great collaboration with people around the world

There is always something else to work on!

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When you have a lot of time and investment in building a costume such as a Dalek or Cyberman, it seems like the build never stops. There are always opportunities for improving the build. Dalek Clifton has an upgraded audio system built from off-the-shelf components and the cyberman has been making slow and steady progress. And there are side projects too!. I'll be bringing newly created parts for the cyberman. I'm also going to bring Yzma's headpiece (from Emperor's New Groove) as an example of what you can do with worbla.

Home Made Guitars

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Exhibit featuring various home made instruments, such as cigar box guitars, license plate resonator guitars and other stringed creations. Some instruments can be made on-site.

Hand Sewn Heads

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My recent work can best be described as interactive mascots. The two pieces I will be bring will function as an activity and a costume the participants can wear once the activity is complete. One piece will be a giant puzzle that participants can assemble and then wear, the other is similar to that of a Mr. Potato Head toy, where participants can customize and mascot head and then wear it.

MAART (Math + Art)

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This will probably be a series of projects around the theme of mathy-art, all done with maker-y techniques. I'd like to bring back my interactive rule 110 project from last year, which was a big hit with the kids (I think). Basically, there is a row of switches connected to a 64x32 RGB led matrix that displays rule 110 patterns. I am also planning on working on a dress with neopixels you could interact with, that would show off the same pattern as the led matrix I would also like to show off an RGB LED bow tie.

Farrell's Props

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Come visit a Young Maker! Farrell is a 15 year old from Toronto who specializes in making prop replicas from television and movies, including costumes, helmets, hand props, etc. See how you can make helmets, props and costumes of your favorite superhero! Try on a costume or two. Have a few minutes? You can make a prop of your own to take home!

Robotics Circle

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Educational Robotics: Are you looking for an educational activity that introduces robotics and programming to motivate and excite school age children about the relevance of science and technology in real world applications? Ottawa Robotics Academy offers unique platforms and facilitated workshops to teach kids how to design, build and program functional robots. Designed for open ended play, our robotic platforms let children create any experience through educational robotics- a character from a story, a carousel, a dancer, an animal, or a space rover - anything they can imagine. Children engage in playful learning, cultivate their curiosity for the technological world, explore problem solving and understand concepts such as sequencing, cause and effect, programming, sensors and motors. This is an engaging introduction to powerful ideas from robotics, computer science, and engineering in a structured, developmentally appropriate paradigm. Children as young as four are given the opportunity to learn programming, sequencing and engineering concepts without the need for a screen or tablet. Additionally, our program appeals to children who are not Lego enthusiasts and to those children that have limited reading and writing skills. After being immersed in our program, young children will be able to engage in both computational thinking and engineering design while creating their personalized robots. Our facilitated workshop integrates the use of art materials, literacy, music and dance through robotics to deliver a unique and fun activity.

3D printed robotics

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We are using 3D printing technology to innovate and create various robotics application to harness the power of automatic mechanics, these application including high performance self-replicated 3D printers, laser engravers, 3D photography equipment, wind/solar energy collectors ....and many more to come.... with our 3D printing/printer technology, innovation have become a reachable activities for any creative mind.

Voxel Factory

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Located in the heart of Montreal and very active on the web, Voxel Factory helps clients from the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada to choose the 3D printer which suits their specific needs. At Voxel Factory, Makers, Artists and Engineers will find the supplies they need for all their projects. We carry the BCN3D Technologies, Prusa Research, Tinkerine, ColorFabb, Taulman3D and NinjaFlex brands which are the highest quality products sought after by the most passionate users. Our advisory services, after-sales support in English and French plus our repair services for 3D printers, are key to our success. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have an extensive and loyal customer base.


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David creates things that shouldn’t exist. A large part of his aesthetic is fetishizing the ugly side of technology and consumerism and making it the focal point (or many) of his pieces. The underbelly is made the star. Like a frog on a dissection tray, some of the pieces speak more about the interconnection between nodes - the fragility of each node communicating with each other - than the sum of those usually hidden parts, the machine itself. David is also developing a series of electronic sound-making gadgets he hopes to prototype and reduce to the size of a deck of playing cards. Within the next year, expect a sixteen node modular synthesizer, each as a separate piece, to be handed out to a select few.

Maker Junior

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Maker Junior brings the experience of making to kids in classrooms, libraries and community centers. Fun projects combine arts and crafts materials with technical tools and components to spark curiosity and inspire learning.

TinCan @Tinwheels - Wetplate Collodion Photography

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TINCAN is a project to convert a 1974 FORD P400 stepvan (think food truck) into a combination ultra large-scale camera, mobile darkroom, and on-the-spot education vehicle. As a visual artist and wetplate collodion photographer, the challenge and allure of making tintypes and ambrotypes as big as 3ft x 3ft or large-scale landscapes of 8ft long, has long been a dream for me. The impetus for this machine started when I was a teenager. Playing with pinhole photography I realized any box, no matter how big, could be turned into an image-capturing device, with one hole and sensitized paper. The desire to make really big, ultra size, hand-made images has long lingered in the back of my mind. Analog photographic techniques offer an ideal medium, but these processes are limited by size and the inherent challenges of capturing and processing the images. For example, in wetplate collodion photography (as the name suggests) all the images must be captured and processed while the emulsion is still wet—a window of approximately 15mins, depending on the weather. Combining a mobile studio/darkroom/camera offers an ideal solution and takes the process to a scale not possible in a portable camera. Most exciting of all, it takes image making where it could not go before. This is how the idea for Tincan was born.

La Petite Mascarade

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Hand made masks and illustrations by artist Celeste Agnes, featuring a wide variety of techniques including modeling, sewing, painting, embroidery, pattern design...

Impossible Illumination

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We (who now call ourselves Vivid Theory) made the 'Impossible Illumination' installation exhibited at the Ottawa Glowfair. Steel frames were used to construct three segments of a Penrose Triangle (see e.g. LED lights are placed inside the frame of each segment, and the faces are covered with a light-diffusing material for uniform lighting. If the LEDs in each segment display the same colour, it just looks like a triangle. However, if the three segments are changed to different colours, an optical illusion is created that looks like an 'impossible' 3D structure. For Maker Faire, we would like to add interactivity (Xbox Kinect and cool gesture tracking software).

Scorbot ER-3 Restoration

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The Scorbot ER-3 is a robotic arm developed by Eshed Robotics in 1995. Because of its age, resources are hard to come by and there are few means of controlling it. Throughout the past year, I have restored and created an open source Java-based library for controlling the ER-3, available for use in any project. This library allows access to each motor's functions through serial communication with the ER-3's control box, and is easy to add into any project. So far, it has been able to successfully stack up to six 3.5 by 3.5cm blocks autonomously with the use of a high frame rate Playstation Eye camera, performing background subtraction and blob tracking thanks to the Playstation Eye's advanced video controls and image processing libraries such as OpenCV. Thanks to its various joints designed to mimic a human's arm, it is able to recreate the same motions that the user's arm is performing thanks to live skeletal tracking provided by the XBox Kinect. More precise control of the claw's functions can be controlled by a Leap Motion hand tracker. Because its purpose is to simulate factory robots, the ER-3 is extremely precise at repeating the same actions over and over again, making it extremely efficient at picking up and moving objects, no matter how small or awkward to handle they are.All of this combined makes the Scorbot ER-3 an old, yet nowhere near obsolete piece of robotics history.

High School Technology Clubs

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This is the golden age of Do-It-Yourself technology. Anyone with a computer can start a club and with the help of online communities, local maker spaces and ebay build a robot. We will demonstrate projects which can be built by high school students starting with introductory arduino kits up to more complex robots (obstacle avoiding, line following, self balancing, etc.). These are robots each student can build and take home for less than $50.


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Probots Ottawa an after school and summer camp program using the VEX STEM robotics platform. We are organizer of the VEX Lockheed Martin Canada Ontario Qualifying event. This event qualifies up to six teams to advance to the VEX Ontario Championships and qualify for the VEX World Championships.

Book Artist

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Hand bound journals, artist books, marbled papers.

There is always something else to work on!

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We are an international community who build their own replica robots from the Star Wars universe.

Mein Enigma

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meinEnigma is a electronic replica of the German enigma machine used during WWII to encrypt all military (and other) messages. It is built up around an Arduino and is fully functional with keyboard, lampboard, rotors and plugboard. It also has a serial interface that can be used both for configuration and to encrypt/decrypt messages.

The "DEFCON1" Electronic Escape Room Prop

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We will be promoting our business detailed below and plan to build some pretty cool maker exhibits for the crowd. We would also like to do hold some maker focused workshops and presentations on the concept to market process. Edispin, a concept to market startup incubator that leverages a community of skilled individuals who help turn ideas into companies for equity and profit share. Edispin offers the opportunity for you to create something you feel passionate about without having to take a major risk or provide any financial investment. The only investments we ask for are ideas, skills and time. If you don’t have an idea of your own, but think you have a skill that might be of use to the Edispin team, or if you want to gain some valuable experience working with a team of industry experts, join an existing project. If you’re a good fit, you’ll be recognized for your contribution and rewarded with profits from the idea you helped bring to life.


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A construction set demonstration which consists of small Magnetic tetrahedrons which adhere to each other to form a mind boggling array of different geometric shapes. This is hands on for attendees. I have a US and a Canadian Patent on my polygons.


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Artist Gisele Cannalonga Originally from Brazil, established in Canada since 1995. Presently living in the National Capital Region of Canada. Her creation concepts are 100% artistic and original; hand crafted, in hand made, ceramic, sterling silver, copper and pewter, with semi-precious stones, glasses, and Swarovski crystal. The artist reflects reality in creating her jewellery with special care to casual and natural designs, in a way that the beauty and artistry of her jewellery does not reside in perfection, but... in its authenticity.


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Creative, chic, and convenient, Voguemobile is Ottawa’s first mobile fashion boutique. We sell unique designer clothes out of a converted delivery truck.

Ottawa Tool Library

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The Ottawa Tool Library offers access to four categories of tools: Hand Tools, Power Tools, Garden Tools, and Kitchen Tools. Wanting to tackle a practical or creative project is one thing, but if you don’t even know where to begin it can seem daunting. Have no fear – the OTL offers workshops and classes for all skill levels throughout the year as well.

Roses Without Thorns

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Roses Without Thorns is a family business that is specialized in paper crafts. We make 'eye-popping' Pop-Up cards using Laser Cut technology and Assembled entirely by Hands. The perfect combination of Hi-tech, Creative design, and Craftsmanship brings endless possibilities. It's a magical experience everytime you open one of our Pop-Up Card Art.

​Ottawa Public Library

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Check out what you can make at the Ottawa Public Library! We're on the road and showing off our maker wares.​

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Introducing new 3d printing materials available exclusively through as we as a new products. Revolutionising the surface quality of 3D printed objects PolySmooth™ and the Polysher™ offer a solution to the layers that have plagued the technology since its dawn. New 3d printing technology.

World of Sculptures

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In this project, we will be gathering some of the best sculptures around the world from different periods in art history through authorized reproductions by 3D printing. We will be using a number of specialty composite materials for these 3D prints, including filaments from ColorFabb, Proto-Pasta, NinjaTech and Polymaker. We will also showcase new products used in this project from MakerBot, Printrbot, CraftUnique, BEEVERYCREATIVE and others!

4783 Robo Ravens Robitics Team

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Team 4783, The RoboRavens, is a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team based out of Longfield- Davidson Heights Secondary School in Nepean, ON, just a few minutes from our nation's capital. We are a hardworking team of High School students working together to build robots to compete in FRC competitions. Last season the competition challenge was First Stronghold. Stronghold was a medieval themed event that had many obstacles that the robots had to overcome and shoot goals. Last season our team successfully qualified for the semi-finals,and out of many other outstanding teams. Our robot for the Stronghold competition was a low profile robot running 4 wheel, independent drive and tank-style steering. It featured a suspension system allowing up to 3″ travel, allowing the robot to maintain traction while adapting to terrain conditions.The control system was mounted on a hinged platform, allowing it to be flipped back for access to the power distribution system below. In the competition we received the judges award to recognize our teams efforts, performance and the unique design and our teams welcoming atmosphere in the pit area. In addition to our most recent competition robot, we may also bring robots from previous seasons or some of our project robots.

CHUO 89.1 FM Manipulation Station

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CHUO 89.1 FM Manipulation Station. The source signal is live or On-Demand CHUO programming and participants will manipulate effects pedals to "make" new sounds / radio content which will air on CHUO 89.1 FM at a later date. CHUO 89.1 FM is Ottawa's independent, community-powered radio station since 1991.


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InkSmith is a full service bureau for 3D printing. We carry the widest selection of materials in North America, are the exclusive Canadian distributors of Cubicon 3D printers and offer competitively priced CAD design and printing services! We'll be offering special discountsfor Maker Faire attendees on printers, materials and services. Make sure to check out our 3D printed Iron Man costume!

Ottawa West Community Robotics - FRC Team 2706

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Ottawa West Community Robotics operates a competitive robotics team open to all high school students in the west end including Kanata, Stittsville, and West Carleton. We participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition - an exciting worldwide robotics challenge whose aim is to inspire students to pursue careers in and to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The FIRST Robotics Competition emphasizes both "Gracious Professionalism" and a spirit of "Coopertition". Our team, "Team 2706 - Merge Conflict", would like to display the award-winning robot we built to participate in the FIRST STRONGHOLD 2016 competition, and give members of the public a chance to try driving it! Prospective students, volunteers, and mentors are also invited to come find out more about FIRST and robotics.


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Pixel (a mobile app) is a robot that lives in your smartphone / tablet. She starts off without any intelligence and emotion, and it’s up to you to program some personality and life into the robot. You can program interactions, ranging from changing emotion to recognizing sounds and objects, through our easy-to-learn block-based programming language. The robot connects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO mindstorms, allowing unlimited hardware possibilities. The robot is able to do whatever the user desires, and it's up to the user to program it!

Destination ImagiNation

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The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.

Twisted Tower – a four in a row game with a twist

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Twisted Tower is a four in a row game my kids and I have been working on. It is like a physical version of the classic Atari video game. You play the game on four boards and try to get four in a row on one single board or vertically or diagonally through all four boards. But there is a twist: when it is your turn you can place one of your marbles on the board or twist a level to thwart your opponent. This projects goal is to teach my kids about business, marketing, product development, design and making. Also in our booth: My 11 year old will show and talk about how she has designed and made her own dresses and other accessories and custom crafts. My 9 year old might also show off how she creates stop motion videos.

Machine Knit Robots

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A new breed of textile printers are now being explored. Greta Grip, along with Jason Cobill has hacked a Brother KH-930e knitting machine. Greta Grip is interested in the relationship between technology and knitting. Hand knitting is simply a code of knits and purls. Hacking a knitting machine is using a code to make more code, of knits and purls. These 1980's knitting machines were initially intended for domestic use. They had an internal brain that was originally programmed with a library of pre-made patterns. These patterns have their places, yet with open source platforms, these can be replaced with any pattern desirable. That is, the maker can now create their own pattern on their computer and with a USB port, transfer the patterns to the hacked knitting machine and start knitting! For Maker Faire 2016, Greta will demonstrate a hacked knitting machine with the Maker Faire robot icon. Come by and knit yourself one! MACHINE KNIT ON!

Harvvey and Vern's Olde Fashioned Soda

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Olde Fashioned soda company from Ottawa Ontario

DIY BB-8 Droid

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This is a homemade BB-8 droid from the latest Star Wars movie, the adorable new ball robot that rolls around while its head stays on. It's made entirely from scratch and on a budget. Reactions to it so far are great.

3D Flying

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3D flying combines 2 hobbies/technologies that are growing popular everyday, 3D printed Drones. 3D Printers are beginning to be available in our schools ,libraries and homes across the country and drones are becoming easier to buy and build parts from local hobby shops. 3D printed drones solve problems from buying a normal drone from the store. With 3D Printing drones, access to drones around the world will be a lot more easier. In this project, we print our own drones from different sizes and accomplish things we could have not if our drone weren't 3D printed. With 3D printing our drones, we are able to reduce the cost of buying a regular drone and since the drones are plastic the performance of your drone will be a lot faster. Since the access to printer are growing, if you break your frame,no problem you can just print another frame out. They are many designs on Thingiverse (website) that are available to use and even if you don't enjoy the design, you can just print out another design. When we were working on our drones, we picked up 3D CAD software and designed a frame, and printed it out to use. You can also add on to other people designs to make it better or to fit the needs to your requirements. 3D Printed drones, will make drones faster, cheaper and easier to build.

Young Makers' Give Us a Hand Project

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Traditional prosthetic hands can cost up to $10,000 to purchase. Unfortunately, there are so many people around the world who are in need of prosthetic hands, but just can’t afford the high cost. At Young Makers, the goal of our upcoming Give Us a Hand project is to make cheaper, and easily accessible Enabling the Future designed prosthetic hands, while simultaneously teaching local youth at The Door Youth Centre new skill sets as well as the power and importance of giving back.

Young Makers is a social innovation venture which introduces youth, particularly those living in disadvantaged communities, to the fun of 3D printing with the goal of building essential skills such as team work skills, leadership skills, and much more.

With the help of a 3D printer, some common materials and an amazing organization called Enabling the Future (which provides the designs for the prosthetics) we have been able to 3D print and build a prosthetic hand which costs about $20 to produce. This hand has the ability to give someone in need so many opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. It has the ability to boost a child’s confidence because this hand looks like a superhero hand. Most importantly it has the ability to improve quality of life.

So why only produce one hand when there are so many people in need of one? This Fall we are working with The Door Youth Centre, a local youth centre here in Ottawa, to teach and help the youth to print and build prosthetic hands for people around the world who can’t afford traditional prosthetic hands.

This project has the potential to improve the lives of so many people around the world. It has the potential to give the youth at The Door a sense of self accomplishment and to teach them an endless number of important qualities and skills. This project has the ability to change lives.

Studio La Mouche

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Studio La Mouche, a small business from Ottawa, represents a multitude of local artists, making their art available to buy not only as originals, but also as items like prints, t-shirts, stickers, temporary tattoos, cards, and more.

I (Geneviève Bétournay) founded the Studio in the summer of 2015, a few months before the Maker Faire. A year now having passed, artists have created new works, and the number of artists being represented is reaching 20, meaning that we’ve got a new selection of art and artful goodies! We bring with our Pop Up Shop a selection of original artwork and limited run pieces together with the different reproduction items. With a variety of styles of art available, a diversity of formats and a wide price range, we’ve had interest from kids and adults alike, and believe we’ve got something for everyone! We’re eager to share our resources and learn from all we come across, and with new projects forever on the horizon, we think we can truly bring more art to our communities!

I am the artist that signs as Lucie B, and am responsible for curating the art and designing the art products at Studio La Mouche. All products are made locally (I’m even silkscreening some of the apparel myself!). With this endeavour we hope to encourage not only our own artists to keep up with their artwork, but everyone we encounter, and want to spread art to as many spaces and people as possible!

Visit to discover who we are and the art that we have to share, and click the ‘Find Us’ tab to find out about our exhibitions (see more original works!) and where we’ll pop up next around Ottawa. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and through our email newsletter.

Thanks for your time and consideration :)


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Oliver is an internet connected automatic cooking device powered and controlled by a wifi-enabled chip. You start off by selecting your recipe of choice from the Oliver smartphone app. You may then either choose to prepare the ingredients yourself or have them ordered & delivered directly through the app. Once the ingredients are ready, they should be loaded into the six designated containers as instructed by the app. You may start cooking instantly by tapping "Start Cooking" or you may delay cooking to a pre-defined time from your smart phone anytime, anywhere. Now you just sit back and relax while Oliver's smart algorithm controls dispensing, cooking temperature, and stirring. Oliver will inform you when your meal is ready after which you can serve it right away or ask Oliver to keep it warm for you if you need some extra time to finish off what you're doing. Oliver also maintains a record of all your meals so that you're able to keep track of your calorie intake. Oliver's pot, ingredient canisters, and mixer are all removable and can be thrown into the dishwasher for cleaning.

CSArt Ottawa

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CSArt Ottawa ( is a new social enterprise start-up focused on supporting local artists and local audiences. CSArt Ottawa, or Community-Supported Art Ottawa, is named after the community-supported agriculture model by which is was inspired. Subscribers purchase a subscription at the beginning of the season, which goes towards supporting the season's artists as they create work for the subscribers. Then, throughout the season, the subscribers receive a share of the artistic harvest.

This year subscribers will receive tickets to an exclusive concert with The PepTides, tickets to an original THUNK! Theatre piece, a painting and exhibition by Mark B. Stephenson, a piece of ceramic art by Susie Osler, a book of poetry from Chris Turnbull's rout/e project, and a multimedia dinner event, as well as opportunities to get to know our artists.

Our Maker Faire booth will feature painter and maker Mark B. Stephenson, his Firefly project and prototypes for his interactive painting project created for CSArt Ottawa.

uOttawa Maker Mobile

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The uOttawa Maker Mobile is a Makerspace on wheels. Using the latest technologies, it travels to schools, libraries and community centres to deliver fun, hands-on workshops to encourage creativity, problem solving and interest in the technology!


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We're developing a new system for restoring old pinball machines, as well as building new ones. Come by and play a game, and learn how pinball machines actually work!

Robot Missions

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Robot Missions enables makers and environmentalists to collaborate on tackling large challenges with the use of a robotic platform. Our first mission is collecting shoreline debris. We embark on Field Tests, deploying the robot outdoors and making observations about how it performs.

While walking on Toronto Island beach, I noticed a pile of debris at my feet. It wasn't just one pile, but a whole trail that extended along the entire beach. It was all tiny debris, which would have taken a significant amount of time to collect. It was shocking to see the effects of a global problem in our local environment. Using a robot would make cleanup of tiny debris more efficient, and able to automate this task on a regular basis.

The robot is entirely 3D printed, designed to be replicable in different locations. With a scoop, it is able to collect tiny debris such as cigarette butts, fragments of plastic, and bottle caps. With an onboard GPS and environmental sensors, we are able to use the robot as a mobile monitoring device, with applications to exploration.

The core experience of Robot Missions are Field Tests. At the heart of the Field Tests is the underlying education of applying a robot to a problem with the intent of having a social impact. What participants leave with from the Field Test is the sense of developing robots as useful and helpful tools for humanity can be accessible. They have a newfound appreciation of experiments.

Witchcraft & Other Embroideries

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Embroidery is a slow & painstaking craft, where a single curving line can take an hour to render and a small patch of fabric the length of a movie to fill with stitches, so different from the flowing rhythms of a paintbrush. What, then, are the physical and mental consequences of translating two-dimensional illustrations into three-dimensional textile sculptures? How does an image change when its marks are taken from ink into thread, from brushstrokes to stitchery? What frustrations and thrilling discoveries occur within the restrictions of each medium?

With my Witchcraft project, I’ve been exploring these questions as I transform a series of witch characters that I illustrated in October 2015 into embroidered textile sculptures that examine the space between dimensions and investigate how the process of remaking something in a new medium alters its personality and the way it communicates to passers-by.

Table-visitors interested in exploring their own translations from two to three dimensions will be provided with the materials necessary to do so, as well as a short zine containing an embroidery primer, covering common stitches, a brief history of the medium, and some quick inspirational tutorials.

MakerBench System

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All Makers need a place to layout their creations, mount their routers, table saws, etc., store their hand tools, and to be that third hand, holding their creations in all sorts of positions. Then they need to put it all away when the project is done.

Maker Faire Ottawa 2016 we be our first public showing of a completely new Maker Bench System. It is so much stronger, more capable, more flexible than that offered last year, in no small part because of the feedback and creative suggestions we received at Maker Faire Ottawa 2015 from the many experts in our local Maker community. Thank you all.

Our most popular 4 ft x 8 ft MakerBench System is actually two 2ft wide box beams which can be connected together for a single 4ft x 8 ft table, or set up end to end or used separately as two 2ft wide tables. When set up end to end you have a workbench long enough for building a 16ft canoe. Or add a table cloth and you have a long portable table piled high with food at your next church picnic.

You can choose between a 6ft or 8ft long models, you can add a system for mounting a portable table saw at one end or side, giving you a huge out-feed. You also have the option of adding an integrated a router table, drawers and side mounts. MakerBenches have adjustable height so you can match them to the height of your existing tables and machinery.

It's one of those products that once you see it you immediately understand its value and appreciate the precision and quality put into building it.

Quick and easy to set up. Precision CNC machined. Strong yet relatively light weight.

Stores away in less than two square ft of floor space, when stood on its end.

Our customers tell us: "Once you use one, you will never go back."

Designed and built in Ottawa, Readily customizable, Always portable

Chipsetter Inc.

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Chipsetter Inc. has developed a low-cost desktop pick-and-place machine for the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process. By reducing the capital requirements of automated PCB assembly, Chipsetter will enable innovators ranging from large electronics design firms to community workspaces to assemble 100 circuit boards per day, accelerating development like never before. Chipsetter’s mission is to democratize access to automated manufacturing technologies, and put at factory in every workshop.

Ladies Learning Code

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We are a not-for-profit organization with the mission to be the leading resource for women and youth to become passionate builders - not just consumers - of technology by learning technical skills in a hands-on, social, and collaborative way.


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Ottabotics is the University of Ottawa new robotics team that supports robotics education on campus. Our booth features a variety of projects and demonstrations that we have started throughout the year. Our main projects is our hexacopter, a six-rotor multicopter designed specifically for the University of Ottawa’s 101 week. The hexacopter features an aluminum body and a six go-pro array to capture immersive 360 degree video footage. It is also be equipped with various boards such as an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, inertial measurement units, infrared and ultrasonic distance sensors, GPS, and altitude sensors. Aside from filming 360 degree video footage for events, this drone will also serve as preparation for various national and international autonomous drone competitions.

Another project is a recycling sorter. An IoT device, that operates on a raspberry Pi and uses openCV. It helps the environment by sorting recycles within a garbage can. Currently the product can accurately organize three different recyclables: paper cups, aluminum cans, and plastic water bottles. The overall mechanics of the device runs on servos to organize the recyclable to its respective section. For that to occur, the item is distinguished through openCV, by determining if it matches the pre-programmed object using Local Binary Patterns.

We plan on demonstrating to attendees the applications of each project and explaining the process of how it was build. As well we have created a workshop for 101 week, that we would like to use that as a hands-on portion of the booth.


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Futuristic Devices made form materials of the past.


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My project is an educational kit for guitar building from recycled materials in an affordable manner and for learning how to play this instrument effectively and quickly.

I am a student of architectural design and guitarist passionate about engineering and instrument making. Last year, my sister showed me a video that inspired me to explore the world of musical instrument making and to try to see if such a feat was possible. I thus built my first sustainable electric guitar prototype within a very tight budget.

This process allowed me to combine what I had learnt in my CAD, design and material selection courses with newly acquired knowledge such as the sound, electricity, instrument-making, and skills such as woodwork, electric-circuit building, etc. Whilst I was reflecting on how I should finalize my prototype, I decided to further develop this project in order to offer an education kit that encourages creativity, awakens the maker in all of us, and quickly teaches how to play this instrument. I concluded that the Makers Faire is the ideal place to begin my journey towards the development of a full-fledged product and of an educational kit that could teach individuals of all ages how to quickly build and learn to play their own guitar. I am certain that this product and many others I have in mind could not only be a rewarding business opportunity but also a tool to encourage individuals to become makers and join this growing movement.

I believe that music is, in a way, an international language. It is a form of expression that transcends linguistic, geographic, economic, and cultural barriers. I wanted to offer individuals from all backgrounds the possibility to express themselves through the use of self-made instruments and allow for creativity to shine. I also wanted to encourage the sustainable use of materials and the creative repurposing of these in order to create new products while fostering individual development and self-expression.

Inventors Dads

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Last year we showed the magic-mirror to help kid while learning to read.

This year, we will present several inventions inspired by our young kids or... meant to help us with our everyday jobs as dads! Will show:

- Lumivelo, a magic box (Pi, Arduino, RFID) and a network of wifi devices (ESP8266, LED strips) used to synchronize cool lighting setups. Installed on a team of kids bicycle to be highly visible during Montreal night bike tour.

- Cuscuino, a "butt detector" cushion (Arduino) to help kids to remain seated during meals.

- Sabluino, a digital sand glass (Arduino) to help with morning routine madness

- Pitune, a cute music box (Pi, Arduino, RFID) played by swiping real tokens rather than pressing buttons (one song=one token)

- Balancino, a 1D led-strip game (Arduino – inspired from line wobbler game) played by balancing on a small wood platform

Intent is to make these devices accessible for everybody to play with during the maker faire!

Personal Neuro Devices

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We are developing a neurowearable headset that senses the electrical activity of your brain via EEG and pushes the data wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone for use in what will ultimately be a suite of apps, ranging from neurogames to health applications, active brain-computer interfacing, etc. We are very much a locally based company! We have a six person team based in the Glebe, and we are engaging a variety of highly talented local companies to help us to create our product and our brand, including Jackpine and Design 1st.

3D Scan, Print, and Carve

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Will have a 3D scanner(s) to scan people and show some of the 3D prints as well as 2.5D CNC carvings of people in wood.

Will have 3D prints and carvings available including an original 2.5 wood carving of Canada's topology.

May bring a printer(s) showing multi-colour printing and possibly my paste extruder.


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We are a group of makers with many electronic, arduino and CNC projects.

CNC Earrings

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Earrings upcycled from CDs and vinyl records.

CNC demonstration!


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Airbear is a programmable wellness and communications companion. A classic icon, reinvented to bridge our digital and physical worlds with a soothing, huggable presence.

Hive Sense

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We created a bee hive monitoring platform with Algonquin College as part of "Random Hacks of Kindness". We want to promote and discuss the our Arduino based platform that collects information about bee hives and to study the linkages between humans and our ecosystem.

Maker Students Projects

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High school students will be demonstating maker projects that they have been working on. Students will give the opportunity to the community to try Arduino, programming and 3D printing by giving quick tutorials.

Student Makers - Interactive Exhibits

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My name is Lise Galuga. I am the Provincial Curriculum Consultant Lead for the Maker Movement, Coding and Robotics programs for the 12 french language school boards in the province on behalf of the CFORP. Last year we set up 6 interactive tables where students had created projects that they were demonstrating - each of which had a make and take component for MakerFaire Attendees or a Touch and Try type of activity (robotics challenges). Our booths are led by the fluently bilingual students from each of the 3 French language school boards in Eastern Ontario (2 tables each). The students were supervised by their teachers during the activity. I'd like to coordinate the same type of "student zone" as we had done last year (with Rola).


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Ottawa Regional Science Fair

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Every year the Ottawa Regional Science Fair brings together about 300 grade 7-12 students from across the city who have completed STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)-related projects, many of which are maker-type projects designed to solve particular problems.

Over the course of Maker Faire, our exhibit will feature a selection of these projects, along with the students who developed them, in an interactive format. We will also be inviting and encouraging young Ottawa-area makers in grades 7-12 to enter their projects in the next Ottawa Regional Science Fair, taking place at the Raven's Nest on the Carleton University campus on March 31 and April 1, 2017.


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TeachBOT is an inexpensive, simple, and quick method to turn a phone into a robot. Using our app, students can write code on their phone. And using our custom circuit, students can connect up to two motors to the phone’s audio jack. With our system, students can write programs that drive motors and access all of the useful features of a phone (gps, bluetooth, sensors, etc). This allows students to easily build powerful and complex robots.

As high school students that ran a robotics club, we know of the enormous learning potential offered by hobby robotics. And as our parents constantly remind us, we know of the enormous costs of hobby robotics. We wanted to develop an easier way for youth to get into robotics.

We noticed that many households already had access to a mobile phone. We wanted to develop a system that easily turned this powerful machine into a robot for education purposes.

Last year, we conceptualized TeachBOT at a hackathon and developed it as a Grade 12 Computer Engineering Assignment.

We ended up with a system that let’s us convert any phone into a robot for $10 worth of parts. The functionality of the robot is on par with educational robotics kits retailing for $250+.

We demonstrated the project at multiple events, including MakerExpo Kitchener.

Hackathon Video

Demo Video(Prototype 1)

Website(Prototype 3)

Gees Bees Honey Company

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We provide fully managed beehive rentals for businesses, restaurants, and homeowners. Our trained beekeepers handle all of the work so that our hosts can enjoy the charm of the hive and honey from their own backyard!

Our local honey is unpasteurized and delicious, harvested in small batches to ensure 'straight off the comb' flavour! We have a bee-centered philosophy which places the wellbeing of the bees first. We have 80 beehives located all around Ottawa.

Tint and Twist

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Get your nerd on with our Canadian sourced (YES CANADIAN farmers, CANADIAN milled), locally dyed and inspired by our community (Ottawa, though, being nerdy/geek ourselves, we do have yarns that are super hero/villan inspired yarns which are great for an original dyi project ... (Dr. Who hat, Captain America arm warmers, or a even a brain hat!) What ever floats your goat ;D


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We are BioTown, a new not-for-profit in Ottawa interested in the do-it-yourself biology (DIYbio) movement. The DIYbio movement, which articulates itself locally, aims at bringing, advanced tools and knowledge stemming from scientific research to members of the public. We plan to position ourselves as an innovation hub in the region by enabling students and entrepreneur’s alike the opportunity to develop their creative ideas in a lab setting. Further, we plan to create a space for people to come learn about biological systems through interesting and interactive workshops.

Stay Late and Make

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Stay late and Make is a small student run maker space at Carleton University. The focus of the space is to promote a place to work on side projects outside of class work. It's a very relaxed atmosphere and we have plenty of hardware to work with as well as soldering equipment, logic analysers and other things to help debug your projects. The students that attend will be showing off some of their work they have done while attending. Some projects that may make an appearance is our weather balloon we built for the Global Space Balloon Challenge, a picture frame you can send a text message, various web apps and games, a custom design development board, and some hardware projects built with the TI Launchpad.


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Photobooths - Slideshows - Fun!

Boothie is a high tech open air photobooth and slideshow system powered by raspberry pi computers. With the push of a button, the photobooth camera takes 4 photos with a 10 second interval between photos to allow you to switch props. After your set of photos have been taken, the photos are automatically added to your slideshows. The system supports multiple wireless slideshows.

Technical Info

The camera is in a laser cut case with a push button and 2 8x8 LED matrices - one to indicate how many photos are left to be taken, and the other to provide a countdown before a photo is taken. The photos are displayed in slideshows using a web browser running on a raspberry pi.

The Science Faire is back, but it’s not just for Science any more.

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The Science Faire is back, but it’s not just for Science any more.

Grade 7-8 Students can create Maker Faire worthy projects at school while learning school content and getting school credits.

Through the Learning Partnership's Investigate! Invent! Innovate! (I3) program Grade 7-8 Students identify a problem or opportunity in their daily lives and then invent a product or processes to solve the problems, based on concepts they learn in class. The program culminates with annual Invention Conventions in various cities across Canada.​ “ Then, if it's good enough, show it at Maker Faire.

The I3, program integrates Grade 7-8 science, technology, engineering and math skills while improving critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

Invention Convention Video

Who we are:
The Learning Partnership

We collaborate to promote, support and advance publicly funded education in Canada

What we do:

For more information on I3, parents, students and teacher should go to:

Teachers, we know you always want more, so here it is:

Movable Seat for Physically Disabled in Cars

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This innovation is to have a movable seat in four-wheeler so that they can be rotated on their axis and pulled outside. After opening the door, the base part of seat can pulled outside from the car (like table drawer). This seat having a facility to move left-right, back-forward, up-down and rotational movements (like office chair). Passenger or driver can easily sit on the seat, then after the seat can be push inside the car. The rotatable middle portion of seat can be rotate back to the steering side for properly sitting. The seat is adjustable up and down on vertical plane. It can move horizontal and vertical plane both. Adjustable leg rest is used for the comfort of leg movements. A sufficient space is obtained to enable the passenger or driver to easily get in and out of the vehicle. The seat can be locked so that it can’t move during the travelling. Here we used additional mechanism of automation with remote control system. Our innovation is different from other swivel seat because it can be move 360 degree.